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Thank you for your interest in KEI and our solutions

If you have a question or would like to receive a free proposal please fill out the contact form on the right or give us a call at

To provide you with the most competitive proposal in the timeliest manner we ask that you provide some basic information with your request for a proposal.

Please provide these items if available:

Rapid Shut Down

  • – Number of panels.
  • – String layout and electrical diagram. Drawing or sketch of the building.
  • – To deliver a sufficient length of the communication cable we need the location and the approximate distance between roof and main control room.

Racking System

  • – Roof layout, Panel specification, desired kWp or number of panels.
  • – We offer comprehensive help at your planning stage, this includes roof load calculation!

Snow Melting

  • – Site plan with string layout and electrical wiring diagram.
  • – Inverter brand and size, panel brand and specifications.
  • – Any pictures that will help us understand the planed project lay out.
  • – Retrofit projects require site pictures and possible site survey.

As with any custom solution, the more information you can share with us the better!